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writer and journalist


As a child, Giulia learned how to build and understand the world around her with words. More than a decade later, writing is what her entire professional and personal life are made of.

Blogger since 2008, it was the blog Quebrei a máquina de escrever (roughly: I Broke The Typewriter) that sedimented her space in the virtual world. In 2018, she released the blog Raindrop, for her English speaking readers. Growing up in an online world, she has also created an audience on social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

From 2015 to 2019 she studied journalism at the State University of Southwestern Bahia (UESB), integrating herself in several activities at the university and beyond. She was a telejournalism production intern, a content producer for a health website and eventually found her passion by becoming a contributor to music journalism and culture sites such as the American The Wild Honey Pie and the Brazilian LesBOut!

During college she also never stopped working on her literary career by joining several literary events and contests that eventually led to the publication of her first novel, A Linha de Rumo, and the production of three more books in different genres. On the week of her graduation, she released non-fiction book Vozes. The book was basis for her graduation thesis, in which she explored cases of sexual harrassment in local universities by interviewing victims and specialists on the subject matter.

While open to opportunities in several areas, Giulia intends to pursue a career writing about entertainment, culture, art and lifestyle, and hopes to continue to write fiction.



2011 - Today

Writer on blogs Quebrei a máquina de escrever and

Raindrop (2018)

2018 - Today

Featured writer for the musical collective The Wild Honey Pie and the LGBTQIA+ culture website LesBOut!

2017 - 2018

Production intern for Uesb TV and communications and social media intern of the HealthRise Vitória da Conquista program. The two functions were carried out at the same time.


Communications advisor for Igaporã's Town Hall



2015 - 2019

UESB (State University of Southwestern Bahia)

Bachelor in communications and journalism